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David Elliott - Baritone


I came into this world on May 22, 1958.  The son of a Baptist preacher, we lived at Lowes KY upon my arrival.  Before I knew it we had moved to Tatumsville KY.  Dad Pastored the Bethel Baptist church there.  I didnít know what it was at the time, but one day a man got saved and a wonderful old saint of God, (nice way to say little old lady) began hollering "PRAISE GOD, THANK YOU JESUS" while walking back and forth with her arms upraised.  I had for the first time in my young life, witnessed "shouting"!  I enjoyed it, but it would be many years before I saw this phenomenon again.
Several moves, states and pastorates later, we found ourselves in Christian Co. Kentucky.  Dad was pastor of Salem Baptist Church at the St. Elmo community.  This was where I met and married my wife T.J. and fulfilled the scripture that says a man will leave his Mother and Father and cleave unto his wife.  I have been in this area ever since, except for a 15 month period where we lived in Nashville, TN.  I have been in the auto parts business for nearly 30 years with 4 different companies, now with OíReilly Auto Parts in Hopkinsville.
I mentioned earlier my wife T.J., we have 2 two legged children and several four legged, the two are our daughter Traci, 22 and son David Scott, 20. They both love music, Traci sings a bit, very well I might add, and Scott is an awesome guitar player.  T.J. and I also sing at our home church, Calvary Memorial Baptist Church, where I am a Deacon and the church pianist when not on the road sharing Jesus Christ in song with Mission Of Love.  I would be remiss if I didnít mention the four legged ones too, Spanky our cocker spaniel, Woodstock, Scottís horsÖ.uh I mean large dog, Dusti, our 17 year old deaf cat, and the newest member of the family, T-Kup, Traciís long haired Teacup Chihuahua.  Feeding time is usually quite active at our house.  The animalís feeding time is too!
My background in Southern Gospel music came about in a funny sort of way. I was, (and still am) a huge Ray Boltz fan and when the Lord delivered me from cigarettes on June 26 of 1994 (He had delivered T.J. two weeks earlier) I began to feel the call to sing.  I went out and bought myself an accompaniment track, (Rise Again was the first one I ever got) and sang it for my pastor, Bro. Larry Dale Combs.  I valued his opinion because of his honesty, and asked him what he thought.  In his inimitable way he said "I believe thatíll work" and I sang it nervously the following Sunday night.
The feeling that I may have found my "niche" was satisfying.  I began singing with Rev. Charlie OíNeal, our Minister of Music, and we formed a duet called 4Given and sang at church and locally.  Our wives decided that they wanted in so we became a mixed group.  I really enjoyed that time and we still get together and sing for special occasions either here or in the Frankfort area where Charlie and Charlotte now live.
When they moved away a void in my musical life was filled by joining "The Churchmen".  Jeff James, Spike Ezell, Bill Clouse and the late Bill Ezell and myself made up this group until itís retirement around 2003.  Just as The Churchmen were coming to an end, I received a call from Kathy Glover asking me to consider becoming the keyboard player for "The Glovers" which after much prayer and inner debate, I felt God leading me to do.  I wouldnít take anything for those 3 years with Adam and Kathy and the whole crew.
There are people in this world who are good and kind on the outside, but not the same inside.  When you travel with folks for 3 years, you see them at their best and worst.  Let me tell you, if your worst is twice as bad as Adam and Kathyís, you are due great rewards.  These folks are genuine, and their ministry is genuine and I would ask anyone reading this to support them also.  Glovers, I love you guys, thanks for putting up with a "grandpa" and his lovely wife for those years.
Now a new chapter has begun as God has opened a door for me with Mission of Love.  I see the same qualities in Brian and Phyllis as I saw in Adam and Kathy, so I donít have any doubts about the sincerity of the ministry.  I only pray and ask that you would pray with me that I can hold up my end of the deal and get to see more "shouting" and people praising Godís name.


Mission Of Love
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